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Clock Tower Removed / Demo of the Facade has Begun

Tuesday night the clock tower was plucked from the GASCO building by a very large crane.


And now, demolition has begun in earnest. The roof is coming down along with the east wall.




Oregon Live Article Contains Errors


The article on Oregon Live is in error. The GASCO building is neither toxic nor a superfund site. The building is located on the uplands area of the GASCO site, which the DEQ administers not the EPA. DEQ is not requiring the building to be removed as part of the greater site’s remediation. The DEQ and many Portlanders would prefer to see the Clock Tower building left standing as a relic and as a cap against rainwater infiltration into the EPA administered Superfund site closer to the river. This type of misunderstanding of the state of the building and site are prime examples of why it was so difficult to raise funds to save the dirty but not toxic historic landmark.

Still Time



KOIN at 5pm today / Billboards installed on Highway 30

billboard 10.21

Scott Ray Becker was interviewed by KOIN News a little while ago about the demolition of the GasCo Building. The story will air at 5:00 pm today.

Billboards letting the community know about the impending demolition of the building have been installed on Highway 30.


Tiles are Flying


The minions are removing the slate tile roofing but there is still time for NW NATURAL to re-consider the actual demolition of the walls and the clock tower. Please appeal to their Board of Directors.

NW EXAMINER recently wrote an article disproving the myth of the GASCO Building contamination, not to be confused with the GASCO site which is indeed a designated superfund site. The GASCO Building is just old & dirty. This misinformation is what brought this Portland beauty to it’s knees. Too many people have believed NW Natural’s false rhetoric.

Gas and Coke Video by Jonathan Fine

Many of the citizens of Portland and Southwest Washington are just finding out a much beloved building is scheduled for demolition this fall. #savethegascobuilding

Jonathan Fine created a mini documentary about the Gasco building last year, just in the past week there have been almost 10,000 views!

Gasco Building Scheduled for DEMO this WEEK

Subject: URGENT: Demolition of Portland landmark on Friday 9/11.
The historic Portland Gas & Coke building known as GASCO at 7900 NW St. Helens is slated for demolition this week.

FRIENDS OF GASCO has been raising funds for over a year to stave off the demolition.
NW NATURAL which owns the building has decided to tear down the building despite a robust community outreach campaign.
Chuck Palahniuk in his guidebook to Portland “Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon” calls the GASCO building the 2nd most photographed landmark in Portland.
FRIENDS OF GASCO is staging a rally this Friday 9.11 from 6:30-9:30 
at the historic Skyline Tavern 8031 NW Skyline Blvd, Portland, OR 97229
There is a website for FRIENDS OF GASCO with more information about our campaign
and a short video about the importance and history of the GASCO building.
I am the chair of FRIENDS OF GASCO and the owner of the SKYLINE TAVERN.
Scott ray Becker, MUS
Executive Director
Black dog Art Ensemble
Photo by Sheri Mason
Photo by Sheri Mason

Promoting Place-Making in the wild west

Join The Friends Of GasCo … Help US Save This Historic Landmark and Portland Treasure! 


For over 57 years, artists, historians and citizens of Portland have wondered about the abandoned gothic 3-story office building with the 4-sided clock tower next to the dueling train tracks below the spirited St Johns Bridge span on NW St. Helens Road (HWY 30).

The building is irreplaceable Portland History.   The Building is GASCO.

A relic of the Portland’s industrial heritage, natural resource based economy and engineering ingenuity, the building is adjacent to a superfund site and is no longer of economic use to it’s steward NW NATURAL – the publicly regulated utility that provides natural gas throughout the northwest.

Help us save Portland’s Industrial Cathedral from demolition. Help us work with NW NATURAL, to stabilize the lonely giant from the ravages of time with a seismic upgrade, new window panes, repaired roof, a working clock in the clock tower and exterior lighting and signage for all to enjoy and commemorate the past.

Save Portland history. Save GASCO: AS IS!

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