Join The Friends Of GasCo … Help US Save This Historic Landmark and Portland Treasure! 


For over 57 years, artists, historians and citizens of Portland have wondered about the abandoned gothic 3-story office building with the 4-sided clock tower next to the dueling train tracks below the spirited St Johns Bridge span on NW St. Helens Road (HWY 30).

The building is irreplaceable Portland History.   The Building is GASCO.

A relic of the Portland’s industrial heritage, natural resource based economy and engineering ingenuity, the building is adjacent to a superfund site and is no longer of economic use to it’s steward NW NATURAL – the publicly regulated utility that provides natural gas throughout the northwest.

Help us save Portland’s Industrial Cathedral from demolition. Help us work with NW NATURAL, to stabilize the lonely giant from the ravages of time with a seismic upgrade, new window panes, repaired roof, a working clock in the clock tower and exterior lighting and signage for all to enjoy and commemorate the past.

Save Portland history. Save GASCO: AS IS!